RM won 2 return flight tickets to any Asean country!


one is coming as lady of Thailand…


one is coming as a Japanese lady too…Misuko


one is coming as an Hawaian girl but from Phuket


Thomas @ The Panjang is the famous latecomer…not just for MAS event, but most of the events, he s divadivuuu!


but one just wanna come to be not so hulk hogan 🙂

OMG!! Shah is soooooooooooooooo tall and big compared than ahkak yang very the kecik, tanduk siam aku tu pun takleh melangkau ketinggian Shah!!

**link pls?


Zaid didnt win anything that nite but the next day he won at the Samsung Corby…tuah manusia 🙂


Joe KK


Citygirl is dressed as a lady going holiday to Bali?


Joshua and Joe KK…


Simon won a return ticket, will follow one of the winners of Saya Nak Cuti Contest and chances to be in front/behind the scene of the show too.


For the best dress, Mak Siam won 2 return flight tickets to any Asean country 🙂


the gang of Malaysia Airlines and Fleishman


coz he is so panjang, Thomas doesnt need any help to capture this photo, i was surprised everybody memang cukup muat masuk dalam kameranya tuh. very the tangan panjang koo!


The most happiest man in the world coz the wife is taking him to any Asean country, i have not decided yet lar. Masa pun takdak tak tau bila nya nak pergi. i have 2 confirmed trips this year already, so ntah bilalah nak berjalannya.

So that s the good news lar for January, at least. good start for an early 2010.

mak Siam pun mak siam lah….

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