15 reasons for being mad…

i had 15 reasons to be so mad yesterday…:

1. I was expecting something of 4 but it came only 2.

2. My auto schedule entries in RM, doesnt work well, 3 entries were pending as missed schedule!

3. My project still got stuck in somewhere, i cant do anything coz one of the partners screwed up!

4. My 12 yrs old washing machine dah berasap2 motornya…handled over to Sirman but i knew he will take his sweet little time so i smsed frens/neighbours around my house area to ask for the repairman’s no.

5. My red flag is already missed the schedule again!

6. I had to gamble to take my leave for an event but i havent seen it in the dashbaord.

7. My streamyx is acting stupid again and again!

8. My husband is making me angry coz he delays the number 2 and number 4 matters.

9. My hair is kembang semangkuk and my hairstylist have been asking me to meet her but tetiap malam ada je project luaran camne aku nak ngadap muka kat ko Hana…

10. Oh the motor of the w/machine is costing us RM230, so no need to get a new set yet, biar pakai sampai lagi meletup gamaknya.

11 to 15 reasons: i ll keep it to myself.


And for all the 15 reasons, i wanna apologize to:

1. My husband

2. My business associates

3. My frens

4. My readers in twitter and FB

5. My oh my…..to all of you.

i conclude this with one reason, it s my PMS mood, so tu pasal aku ada mental sket!

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