The Sherwood!




Alo Diva Darling, can you get this for me??

The Sherwood is from the family of Vernis

This mak andeh is so die die pretty one.

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the boys nak ke? ok boleh, nanti i upload untuk the boys gak yek…but do you know, yg benornya Sirman is so master and graduate of the handbags too? he knows the price ranging, he knows the brand so well, he knows the bag is for shoulder/hand carry, he knows this and that. Baru dia sekolahkan kawan baik lelakinya untuk kelas handbags hahahaha! So to Sirman’s male frens and readers, you can ask anything bout the bags too, he s quite an expert cuma dia never mention jer.

For that, you wont find it in his ! eh eh ade update rupanya… tgk kat draft pun dah bersusun schedule entries, lawan tokey nampak!


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