Capital of Facebook?

If FB is a country, what do you think is the capital?

Ntah actually aku pun no idea hahaha  BUT don’t you guys want to be part of it?


Tahu tak kita Malaysian mempunyai the most FB friends and we spend hours and hours, most of time on FB. Having said that, apa kata we together-gether make Malaysia the Facebook Capital of the World!

But to do that we need to be united of cos and we need to create a super duper huge invite card to get Facebook to acknowledge Malaysia the Facebook capital of the world with your profile picture on the card 🙂

So apa lagi, lets be part of it! I dah join 🙂 nunn atas tu tak nampak gambar i 🙂 Ohhh on top of that you could win 2 invites to an exclusives LIVE FB PARTY nanti!

Kalau tak click, rugi, kalau click korang banyak untung2 worrr!

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