Bloggers during Ning’s Dewa…


Chit chatting with the big boss of Universal Music Malaysia, Mujahid (next to him is Pah)


oh my, i m so damn fat! ok that s Juan Danza, setiap kali event Universal, he never forgets to invite me


 always kena chong and cheng with Jejai!



Hilalhutang dinner date for me and Rose!

longgggggggggg time no see Daydeck!

Kak Ina and son too!


 Rose GBM my companion, Jejai and Zaid


1 of my Indian blog readers, Param – time to open up a blog for you, and his frens.


this time jumpa Hilal looks moreeee handsome ahhahaha!


DD yang gelemer on stage with Ning, i dont hv the photo, tengok ler sendiri kat blog dia yek

nanti kem salam kat Aizuddin yek, gambar dia and fren yilek lor


 Isaac, Zaid, Alice, RM, Kak Ina and Jejai


months of waiting, finally dapat jugak pakai the silver clutch of Anya Hindmarch


with my new red Ferragamo. not so flat, ada ler heel sket wpun seinci 2 jer….


 i like this dress, but i think untuk grey colour je dalam koleksi maternity aku ada like 4,5 pcs, silap beli ke silap pandang tak tau lah, banyak le pulak kaler kelabu heh.


The maternity dress nih i mintak Diva Darling to ship for me from UK. hard to find the modern and stylish maternity dress in KL, so i spent quite a lot for getting the dresses. More will be coming in, told you i spent a lotkan. Nemai, if tak pregnant lagi on the next one, this can be lanting2 to my preggers readers jugak. Diva Darling is a personal shopper paling best from UK aku suka deal with.

To my twitter frens, sorry for been so quiet, i think mau over 2 weeks jugak aku tak menjerit kat twitter, thing is i only blog during the weekends for weekdays entries, sometimes satu2 weekend tu aku spend buat sampai 2 weeks punya entry. then at nite during weekdays, ada kala aku tak bukak lappy langsung, only tengok my sponsored posts to do list jer.

Tapi i baca gak twitter, cuma dah malam2 bila nak tidur, but soooooooooooo super lazy to respond.

Korang anggap je lah yang aku lupa password twitter hahahah…..

Thanks bloggers yang kita lepaking during the Ning’s Dewa. Jumpa lagi di lain event 🙂

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