Red Commentators…


i guess my readers are not really keen to read my blog over the weekend.


the hit drops every weekend, the numbers of commentators also drop on the weekend.


and my mood to blog over the weekend also drop, even i have a story bout the TV3 thingy…


i will blew up when you gotta mood of reading my blog and leaving comments..


For Redmummy.


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Red is dreaming…

i hv something to tell

i have something in my mind

i need to do lots of shoppings

i need to look pretty or is it good?

Make it short, i m gonna have something like this, very soon.

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Redmummy’s high profile…

It shows that being a high profile blogger has its perks too – my red diva keeper

i m not a high profile blogger, aku biasa2 jer lah….bla bla, eh malas lah nak ckp detaily.

but as i said before has its own brand name already, bukan sejak berzaman dotcom, tapi sejak zaman blogspot lagi. i hv my own followers and loyal readers.

one thing that i love to do is to promote new bloggers, ramai bloggers dah dapat fan sendiri which comes from redmummy, i made few entries bout A blogger or B blogger, my readers will ambush your blog. that s one of my duty being . ada blogger dah boleh stand on their own, doesnt need my promotion anymore, ada yang lupa daratan oh ni x yah elaborate lah ye, ada yang dah ada loyal readers memasing. i m glad to help them.

tapi ada yang tetiba terjah aku mintak aku promotekan blog dema, x leh la camtu dik. i hv to make fren wt yr blog first, i hv to get to know you bagai, i hv to study yr blog dulu, agak2 la kan kalo nak bagi aku kerja free ni.

i give this service foc.

but the manager of redmummy has started complaining that bloggers should start charging their service too, nak masuk parlimen baru takkan semuanya nak free. this is a service provided by a blogger to other bloggers.


x zalim ke?  i dont think it s the right way but bloggers, what say you?



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