The happy Red…



i m showing you my happy mood…i really am right now. the problem is still not solving yet, it s still on going, tapi life hv to move on, i will keep on fighting for the best and the right for me. lagi satu aku dalam gambo ni aku happy coz im in my circle of old frens, my mother company’s buddies. aku kalo dapat together click wt orang2 lama aku, mmg senyum x hengat nye lah…happy semangat.




tq to botak or is it Being Normal for nominated my name for an Orange Team’s Captain (i want REDDDDDDDDDD team la, blah la korang, napa nama aku lam Orange team!!!)


korang dah lama tak tgk akumenyepak bola, membaling bola and segala jenis mak nenek games yang akak masuk setiap taun this is the beginning. im gonna hit my sport shoes back, starting 1st March.


the best part is aku dah berbulan x masuk gym, and harus ada yang sakit lenguh badan tergeliat urat bagai lepas ni. and the boring part pulak i m performing under new roof, an Orange Team wt new company and none of the girls aku kenal…


bantai la…sports is not just about individual, it s a team game, so nak x nak i hv to play in the Orange Team wt new ppl, new environment and new spirit… sedih tau.

i want to be in my old team. 🙁




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