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Salam and good day to all of you, my loyal and my new readers..This is my new web, my new blog – , my old blog is no longer in service, we have moved to a new house, new layout and new look.


After taking his 2 weeks sweet time, Sirman has finally finished upgrading and godeking my new web blog. Thank you to him coz without him, takde maknanya web blog aku ni nak ada… coz i dont know a single code etc bout this.


My old stories and photos will remain at my old blog , but numbers of readers are linked back to this blog (agak2 lah takkan aku nak mula dr zero kan dah tentu ratus ribu dah readers aku).


Please do add in my new web blog address, as usual do drop me an email if you have linked me (please do not put yr blog add in the comments button, leave it over email at, Tq).


To those who loves give bad and harsh comments, you are not welcomed to do so, if u try your luck by sending to my comments button – it is very easy for me to detect you and i will not hesitate to take you to the pak polisi. I have enough experience wt lalats in my old blog, so please leave me alone.


This is a story bout me, bout red diva, red family and everything is about RED. I hope you like my new home, my Red blog.




Redmummy @ Kak Red

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