Red VS Red Team…

i m red diva. but im not in the red team, everyone knows it. i m stucked in an Orange Team. tapi atas semangat bersukan, aku jalan gak lah…i ve done for futsal, chess is on going and soon is netball. so i waited my opponent, and my timer dah tiktoktiktok…

Red Diva is playing Red Team today..rasa macam lain je bunyik nya. tp nak wat gano. my opponent finally came..penat dia amik napas berlari, i guess she was late running from the meeting.

Botak the captain berbulu bila bukan aku jer yang gave the point, sending his team down, but my 2 other boys too…we won 3-0 wt Red Team. sorry botak, this game your team has no luck.

Amazing photos by my fren, Seman. distraction tau suh orang pose senyum2 masa orang ngah concentrating wt chess.

Next will be VS blue…see the result later.

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