Suntec City…

I m sitting in d sbucks of suntec city now..having quick meeting wt my ex boss Momo :). Who’s Momo? He was my best boss that I ever had in my life so far (ngan ED pun best gak tp baru served 4 ari)…

After leaving our company, Momo moved to spore, his work is based in spore n hkong. Tu pasal aku x boleh ngekor dia 🙁 . Lagipun my current company has the best benefits.

I saw few shirts pants dress n of course shoeesssssss evrywhr cheap cheap kat suntec city. Kak ann is my negotiator via sms, I compare price through her 🙂 hiksss

Sirman is joining me after 5pm today, I will post lots of photos tonite, I don’t carry my laptop so kn pinjam laptop sirman la kan..

Gonna meet few more frens too tonite..but that will happen lepas sume kedai kat orchard tu dah katup..

It s good to have quick n short holiday, after 7 years x jejak kaki kat sini.

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