I can roughly imagine what that person is trying to do! He or she is just trying to ruin your career but I am bloody sure you will not just let it happen! Come on Red, like my hubby said, if someone kick you hard, you reciprocate or cakap kasar, counter-attack, by kicking back twice as hard. But, its easier said than done thou. Take care! – Kak Ann said from this entry.

Dear all, my writing in my own blog, is my personal issue…So since you have back stabbed me, n luckily i found it out, n sebab you are one bloody reader in MY OWN BLOG – i say middle finger to you n ko tau aku a fighter kan? so Let ‘s fight!!!

You are so doing personal attack to me, i will definitely attack you back. Bidcji!!!

 ***dan pandanganku terasa aman sungguh hari ini. dari visible eyes, dia sudah hilang. but that doesnt mean i will forgive you! ooo lalaaaaaaaaa…





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