AF and Bidcji…

you know her from AF…Cikgu Shafi, guru vokal

cikgu Shafi and her 2 little kids were in the same lift wt us, kat umah VA ai lah mana laik. celebrities mmg ramai lah datang sini, kalau dah datang sini x lain x bukan mesti amik baju tajaan from Hatta Dolmat or Hazwani…. Cikgu Shafi will google to find my blog, pasal aku rahsiakan my blog add. yes, i dont simply tell ppl my blog unless ko sendiri cariklah.

my prediction or my wish for Stacy or Nadia to win

but Cikgu Shafi said – Nubhan has a good song, the winner could be him! aduh..x suka!

n Toi’s followers dok voting tak hengat, could be him to be a winner too

Riz? chances are 50-50…

WHOEver wins, ai just dont care now. coz i m not gonna get that house apatah lagi kereta mahal itu.

we went to TTDI, for abang’s morning tuition

I prefer to sit at the back

silent mode, merajuk mode, or to be exact INDEPENDENT MOOD at the moment

but not only that..there s another thing in my mind, which i will tell you later. as u said, ada 2 menda jer yang buat aku headache, either my personal life or my work. Let s close off the story of an Independent Wife right now,

Manusia bisa menggunakan hak penulisanku di dalam blog ini untuk menjatuhkan kerjayaku……. can u imagine that? this is my blog, my own personal life….

to be continued….

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