So the service centre of my sparkle grey called me 2 days ago, agreed to pay the reimbursement. tapi aku dah tak jumpa mana aku balingkan receipt lama….so kenalah aku pi ke bawah semula beli lain n gonna pass the receipt to the manager later donno when. as long as they are willing to pay back, i dont mind lah. can shut my mouth lah kan. kalo idak lagi aku berbunyik. surely they dont want that.

all items come from 30% to 70% discount, good bargain. aku amik jer…but they will pay for the amount that they are supposed to pay lah, not these items, gila lah kan aku nak claim banyak2 ni.

on another note, i intend to go down to the gym, but since 2 nites ago, ai have problem wt my ankle. dah 2 ari gak aku x pakai high heels, nak pergi jumpa doctor tu yang malas. mbe coz ai hv gotta do everything, coz i m too independent ….

Story of an Independent Wife is so famous to u lately, ai agree. but no further comment on that. Let us pray for the best.

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