Fren’s Birthday…

hey gang, let s stop talking bout that hot issues kejap yer. ai want to blog like my normal routine entries, the usual entries of course. the lalats issue will come and will go, datang dan pergi pusing roda pusing…spt dijangka.

yday i had my curry ayam’s lunch wt a fren, at santini again. the curry ayam dia sedaplah u, tp satu peha je dia bagi, lagi 2 ketul lak isi, kurang minat ai. my fren pun ordered the same, we are running out of time, i went down a bit late so does my fren gak datang lambat.

a birthday present from red’s family to my fren. happy birthday kawan!. this is a real fren. this fren knows my upside down, my problems, everything. a fren that i can count on….a fren yang x menyabo nak bukak adiah depan aku!

From the Flashing back entry that i posted in my old blog before…

I just wanna enjoy my moment wt my husband, my kids and my family. They are more important in my life than u being ‘lalat’ Specially the real ‘lalat’ and the Blog’s lalat.- the most gilarious person(s) in my blog. I dont trust any bestfrens, aku buang title ‘bestfrens’ since setaun dua yang lampau. So if someone mengaku yang i m her/his b/fren – manyak le ko nye perasan.

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