Not dinner date…

i m supposed to leave as early as i can today to bandar tasik selatan

park my car there

naik erl, pi putrajaya

sirman to pick up me la dari situ

friday nite will always be our dating day, but tomorrow nite (today), is a special day a bit for him kot

he and his frens are having get together dinner kat Nilai, or is it Seremban

i dont like to mingle around wt his frens, aku blur šŸ™

they will laugh toktok kuat x hengat, prung prang, n pastu aku kebosanan

dah banyak kali sejarah berlaku, kerana itulah kalau dia nak melepak ngan gang2 dia, ai dont want to join

lainlah kalau dinner tu kat lam mall, pas makan ai can take a walk alone jenguk2 shop kat mall tu, bila dia dah abih bergembira sakan huha borak, baru aku terhegeh2 join balik

so im still thinking

to join

or not to join

unless i have a reader kat sana, yang boleh aku jumpa

pas aku makan ngan sirman n gang, aku lari la ke meja lain jumpa readers aku


Fri nite, kat Nilai.

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