33 on 11 July…

33 stalks of roses

Dear all,

My birthday is today 11 July. I was born 33 yrs ago by my beloved Mak. I m the 4th out of 8, the second daughter in the family. The bouquet and cake was sent by sirman, abang and gegirl one day earlier. They sent it to office, and i celebrated my birthday and cakes wt my closed frens. Those yang talam 2 muka are not getting the invite, cake pun aku x bagi 😛 . Kenapa cake and bouquet sent earlier than the actual date, adalah sebabnya nanti korang tau gak in the next entries.

Allah selamatkan kak red

Allah selamatkan kak red

Allah selamatkan kak red sekeluarga

Allah selamatkan kak red 🙂

Thank you in advanced for the birthday well wishes. I place this entry as a sticky mode, on top of the page only for today, scroll down for the latest entry ye.

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