3 parcels…

Those yang bagi hadiah to me, never asked me to blog it, but i m a blogger, sebagai menghargai susah payah setiap mereka dan kamu yang memberi hadiah pada saya, i will blog it. i want ppl to know bout u, get to know u. that s the way. bukan nak tunjukkan megah, bukan nak tunjukkan yang sapa hebat hadiah mana bagus. no no no. they knew me already, so dont make any issue on showing off pls.

This is one of the way, how i appreciate the presents.

first, can u make a guess siapa the senders for the 3 parcels?

second, can u make a guess what s inside?

third, x kuasa nak guess?

stay tuneeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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