From Pearl With Love…

pesanan penaja

pinkish purple card?

luckily the font is red for the left side lah 🙂

dates from dubai

the kids have to share lah yang ni yer…

Wooden comb from Nigeria (they dont hv red kaler so redmummy u shut up!)

red red redddddddddddd~~~~!!!

Red O Spray Colognes, unisex version, ai asked sirman to put in his Red WRM, so aku leh tumpang pakai bila naik keter sirman, sirman ingat dia punya sorang, manyak cantik, i m the birthday girl not u yeah!

Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming Limited Edition

lip gloss on top, Rollerball miniatures

ai love ittttttttttttt so muchhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Birthday presents from Singapore, a blogger.

Pearl is a MrsPato, Pearl jarang bagi komen dalam ni, coz we communicate via private messanger. i ve known her for few years already. Rasanya kekerapan dia bagi hadiah lagi banyak dari aku yang baru bagi dia 2 kali je kot Pearl? tq tq tq, terima kasih from, blogging mengeratkan ukhwah.

oh not to worry, i do accept belated birthday presents all……..

not in red kaler pun, not a big deal 🙂

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