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My heartfelt sympathy for those readers who are left in a “blur” state for not knowing or understanding what is happening in this blog. I was one of you too.

Kak Red messaged me on YM as soon as I got online last night and I guess, something must be wrong somewhere as she is not someone who has so much time to spare to be ‘chit-chatting’ around.

Firstly I would like to apologize to a fellow Singaporean for my sudden “attack” at her tag board last night. I was in rage. Anyone who hears the same news will definitely be in rage. I wanted to find the main “culprit” but it seems that she had her blog removed. So whomever is related or was part of the “family” is definitely gonna get the blow.

Anyway, I did mention something about visiting my country, that, well okay I apologize too. What was I thinking? Cit cit. Singaporeans ni actually semua bebaik orangnya. [Anyone to second me?]

And after much thought, I will say that both parties are wrong. I don’t take sides. But as much as I’m concerned about being a fellow blogger, kak red’s avid reader and your silent reader, I guess I have to do something to keep the blogging community ‘clean’.

I am no blog inspector, neither am I a god-sent advisor so I don’t really expect you people to listen to me. [Lu sapa, gua sapa lah kan.]

You being a photographer who loves to eat, you being the friendly neighbor who loves to cook and travel, you being a bubbly and cheerful person, you being a Singaporean who doesn’t even know Singapore’s birth date [Chet.], you the guy with no name and to whom it may concern [I only visit these bloggers mentioned], I am sure and very sure that during the period you have known Kak Red, there is something that she has done good to/for you. Am I right?

Once hated, no matter what that person do, you will only have negative thoughts and in your eyes, that person is always bad. I have been in such state and I am not shy or ‘paiseh’ to tell the whole world about it. I had my fair share once too, and that is with the person whom I’ve been friends with for over 10 odd years. People change and well, no one is perfect after all and that includes me.

Semua orang pun buat kesilapan jugak, tapi mengata dan menghina sipolan dan sipolan di blog memasing adalah satu perkara that can really and will tarnish your image as a blogger. And worst, you leave readers in a “???” state. Do you think its fair to them? You may have the power to write and of course it’s your own blog, but do not misuse it. FYI, there are things like “plagiarism”, “intellectual property” and etc. Oh, did I mention about the possibility of facing a legal lawsuit for defaming someone? Oops.

I hope this will end. Easy said than done. And trust me, this blog “war” will never end unless YOU YOURSELF put an end to it. If you don’t even like that person, do not even visit their blogs, what not worshipping it (Our dear Kak Red has stopped visiting your blog, but people keep on coming to send news to her, the price that she has to pay!). And those being the “two-faces” who will tell stories to the mentioned parties, you whole lot is actually the mastermind in this. Happy eh to see people dissing each other? Stop your act at once and stop ruining other people’s lives. I am sure you have better things to do, no?

So please, keep it clean and start a fresh. I will not say, “Forgive and forget” as it is never easy to forgive and what not forget. Please forgive me, her, she, him and he but never forget, cos when you forget, you’re giving up the experience too.

I apologize again if whatever I wrote may seem rude but I ensure you I take no sides and only wanted what’s best for fellow netizens and the blogging community.

To my dear Kak Red, your has a promising future in years to come. I hope you will start doing it before others take lead. It’s okay if they’re not bothered to cos this will mean something. At least you made a difference. =) I am so sorry if this seems hard on you, but I can ensure that this is the best for you. *hugs* Please stay strong.

To LL, on a lighter note, I can accept the fact that you called me names. “Babi”, “Gemok”, “Pendek”, [Someone mentioned that I am taller than you of course!] and one more which I cannot tolerate lah, “Hitam”.

HITAM rambut kepala itu dijunjung, PUTIH tapak kaki itu dipijak.

Know where you stand my dear, know where you stand.


Thank you all.


Redmummy said: this will be the last entry bout this issue, i want to remain silence if it comes to my page again n again. Do respect my decision, saya x nak lagi terlibat dengan sesiapa yang berkenaan, saya x nak lagi membuka aib sesiapa. Enaf is enaf. Just leave me wt my own red world, my red blog my red family and my red life. Thankies.

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