Redmummy is flying again…

Red Diva (or Kak Red) is one of Malaysia ’s most popular and influential bloggers who maintains a page about her family and life as well as several local events which she has been invited to. Her blog also covers fashion, make-up, shoes, children and travel, with live broadcasts from the places that she has been to. She is a popular media figure has who been featured in Malaysia Berita Harian, TV3 and Fear Factor  Malaysia . Red Diva is currently ranked as the most popular female Malay blogger in Malaysia . — from the page of an Organizer bukan aku yang tulih bio ni yer!

Excuse me, need to fly again for the blogging job 🙂

Watch out for my surprise entry….. kali ni saya diterbangkan khas, tq penaja.

p/s: babai daling… sob sob sob… =(

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