5 Malaysian Bloggers to Singapore…

ops..just the 4 of us, sorang lagi dok tpt lain plak…

we are the 5 malaysian bloggers for the Brand’s Blogger Challenge in Singapore. The 5 of us are Sultan Muzaffar, KY, Suani , KK and Redmummy.

Pendekkan citer lah yer, like a month ago, ai got an email from Selena from Brands Essence Singapore, being chosen for the Brand’s Blogger Challenge on 3 December, so make the story short, the challenge will take place at Geek Terminal (55 Market Street #01-01) around 1130am today! But the day of 3rd will start with breakfast briefing at the hotel that we stay, which is also sponsored and fully paid by Brands Singapore – at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.

If you are around our area, do drop by to see the challenge between us the msian bloggers with the sporean bloggers.

frankly speaking, ai dont give much hope on the game lah, ai dont have a good brain. ai may good in chess but ai m so bloody stupid using my brain hiks…

so either we win or we loose, hopefully it s a fun game lah kan…

we got in the hotel around 10ish am, airport transferred was arranged by Brands itself, but since the room is not ready yet, kitorg melepak je lah kat tepi river hotel nih, got the welcome drinks, and ai did my last nite’s entry. Eh chop! ai pakai itu mini dell in spore nih, senang kecik dibawak kulu kilir huhuuuu

after taking our lunch, kami pi bilik memasing, badan aku dah berlengas mar…ai need to leave hotel to orchard road, but let s take a peek apa bilik yang depa bagi. it s  standard room, with free internet access, single room, oklah utk ai sorang2 dok kan. the other 4 pun dok bilik lebih kurang sama lah kot, ai dont visit their room.

my window view….

the 7 bags of souvenirs from Langkawi, for my 7 lovely frens in Singapore.

lepas mandi, it s time for me to callo, cabut naik cab pi orchard road…

SD30 for our meal on the arrival day, courtesy by Brands, tq 🙂

that s about it….the next entries dah siap uploaded, x yah lah korang nak riso kay..by the time u r reading this entry, aku ngah terkial2 nak mengasah bakat my brain.

hey, thanks for the wishes, but pls pls pls dont give too much hope. yang penting, kalo Brands x sponsor, idaklah teman dpt jejak ke spore, coz may aritu baru pi kan….

sirman, tq for the 160km, lain kali meh kita bangun lelambat lagik yer 🙂 . abang n gegirl, mommy gi kejap jer….blogging pun kira kerja mar.

so now, meh memecah otak kepala sesama….yihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

For those in spore may listen to radio warna for an interview session wt SM and Redmummy at 130pm today.

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