Brand’s Blogger Challenge in Singapore…

my cheap yellow shirt from spore, SD5 only !

sweet wednesday, ai woke up pretty early, had bfast at the hotel wt my msian team. datang spore, makan roti lorrrr 🙂

finally, ado gak gambo berlima!

KK, Suani , Redmummy, Sultan Muzaffar and KY,

with KK (our team leader for the challenge) and Selena, lady yang ‘menjaga’ kami from a to z, very2 soft and penyabar. bape kali kitorg tukar flight, tukar airport transfer hiks…layan saje lah kerenah kami kan.

So pas bfast, naik van pi Geek Terminal (55 Market Street #01-01), salam2 hallo2 kenal2 with the Brand’s Team, the MC, the judge, the sporean team, the press….

the 5 msian team

the sporean team

Aaron Ng,


Wilfrid Wong,

Mr Endoh,


the press and audience

blue and red, iye, the sporean team pakai red shirt mar

From the eyes of Wildfrid on the game. tq man for allowing me linking and pasting this over my blog.

Round 1 – a game of arranging random alphabets into a word – our team was having one point lead against Team Malaysia.  Round 2 – a set of mathematics puzzles – was a draw.  Round 3 required us to watch a BRANDS commercial and memorized the key frames.  And we lost a gazillion number of points to the Malaysians on that one game.  Oh no!

Round 4 was yet another one-on-one challenge to guess the missing words in one sentence (like ‘the 12 S of the Z’ … what are the S and Z?).  I did a mental calculation that we needed five straight wins from the five of us in order to marginally reverse the trend.  I tried to steady our team; we did our best in that round but that didn’t happen; we were still behind.

Onto round 5 of 7 and things were not looking good to the Singapore team.  It was yet another group challenge and if we were to lose this round, we would have little chance to win the competition.  Immediately, I practiced what I preached when the host asked about our strategy: I popped another BRANDS Chicken Essence on the spot.

In round 5,  We had to form as many words as possible with the letters given (believe it or not I actually formed the word “porn” and someone asked if there was such a word … they must be shocked).  We gave it all that we have, filled the entire board with as many words as we could humanly think.  I have to give it to the Malaysians that some of their words formed are pretty original.  The judge summed up the words and we had more!


Round 6 was bizarre.  It was some sort of computer game that we have to focus on the movements on the screen.  We won some, we lost some, and onto the final round, Team Singapore had the lead but anything could happen.

Another video was played, questions were asked, before we arrived at the final question, we knew we did just enough to clinch onto the title.  Nevertheless, Sheylara took the last question, which I thought was kind of very tough (a faint banner in the video background with the words “Robot Soccer Club” or something like that). She did observe the details and got that right.

7 points gap

47 for msian

happy2 everyone


ini press dari mana nih but definitely from spore lah, aisay….nanti aku check n edit this yeah

Razor TV Spore

interview with Warna Radio, Spore was held over the phone, so ai x dengo, x tau pun kol bape depa on air kan, not 130pm yday actually.News in Kosmo Msia, Razor TV and yang satu lagik press baju biru tuh will be on aired by this or next week. korang check2 lah sendiri yer…let me know. aku pun tunggu korang roger baru aku pi check.

Ai think for the first few rounds, msian team lead the session unfor sampai kat last few linal rounds, spore beat us, so there u go, Spore menanglah, we kalah by 7 points. Anw, target mencapailah by Brand’s, since this is the first time for Brand’s Blogger Challenge, to have 2 countries, 10 bloggers participate in this mental challenge.

from time to me, pls come back to this entry, bila ai have my energy back, ai will update this column. Need to write more but ai m totally tired, mlm nih dah pancit 🙁

All in all, TQ so much to Brand’s Singapore and Malaysia.

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