Purple in the morning…


one of the important event that ai had to attend is for this one…ai should upload the ads on this later next month probably, not sure yet. so anw, it s like our usual gathering lah, to see the regular faces of bloggers, mbe u cud say bebalik muka yang sama, hey, that s not for u to judge lar, that s the readers to choose lah kan dia nak pi baca blog mana.

Tziaa the pink lady, gonna see her again in d future definitely, Sixtseal (ai assume that as handsome boy, hate to tell you guys, that he got me many times! sorry HB, ai hv problem remembering hansem boys name lorr), Kim my maxis buddy too, Mellissa from Nuffnang (babai mellissa,her last day wt Nnang too) and tak lain x bukan boipren cina aku nih lah, selalu aku gaduh ngan dia ni, we sakat each other, KY.


the emcees of the day, henry and Belinda Chee




abih majlis bagai kami sambung lagi borak2, particulary dengan next event, borak semasa…jumpa agent2 yang terlibat etcs…time to catch for the next project, specially for the red blog


Hey, ai know you, now we finally meet, ai heard lots bout you from my clients and staff, happy to do business with your red blog

arrr…u are?

ai m Timothy, ai own Nuffnang



the purple love, Tim and gf Audrey (my maxis buddy), Raymond the Glaxo’s Snr Brand manager and Sirman the purple boy too


Pinky has left Nuffnang, leaving to Melbourne today, and Carol is the new girl of Nnang, ai m gonna work with her closely after this


at 1pm, all vip and bloggers press went up to the watch the movie, courtesy of Glaxo but me and sirman did little bit of work for our Ribena project. we cant join them coz we had to rush to IB for our PGL theatre pulak…terlari sana sini aku tau. oh btw, the purple morning on sat nih was held kat Sunway Pyramid, tu pasal nak kejar masa membesar lam keter je kitorg on Saturday arituh.


lots of ppl yang aku jumpa, lots yang dah banyak kali jumpa gak tp aku ada masalah ingat nama orang. for eg HB, ai have prob remembering his name, kalau chinese nama lagiklah susah aku nak ingat nama, even malay’s name too. but ai can lah ingat blog add orang, cuma nama is a big huge prob for me.


well…ai cant believe that Tim, one of the co founders of Nuffnang is only 24 years old. just imagine lagi next 10 years, dia dah ada bape branch kat all over the world. that boy and his partner are very briliaant men, kepala otak lam business memang terer. kalo idak takkan most of the blogs ada Nuffnang kan.

have u registered nuffnang in your blog? if you dont, pls do so, pepelan kayuh lah, kalo nak naik, nak tinggi hits pun kena lah work hard kan. dah banyak kali kubilang, my red famous blog nih pun bukan arini launched arinih famous, it takes years to build.

N so you gotta wait this Wed, another hot stories will be out soon…

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