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Korang ingat lagik tak, dulu kan, masa Sirman masa kat US, he bought an iPhone. Actually iPhone tu is for his fren, ada kawan dia suh belikan, lgpun during that time memang takde jual kat Malaysia lagik. That was like emm 1 yr plus ago. Kat Malaysia blom ada lagik masa tu, ada pun melampau2 kedahak lah mahalnya kan.

But in order for his colleague tu nak guna iPhone kat sini, dia still kena jailbreak & unlock kan iPhone tu so baru boleh pakai local mobile operators sim card. The same process if you buy iPhone from anywhere in the world, you still need to do the same thing cos there is no authorized dealer in Malaysia yet! And of cos it will void the iPhone warranty itself once you done that.


But worry no more! Yes it’s true & confirmed!!! Malaysia’s leading mobile operator Maxis Communications Berhad (“Maxis”) has announced that it will offer iPhone 3G 8GB for free on its iValue 4 plan started from this March 20. Maxis will also offer a range new tariff plans, starting at just RM100 per month, hok nih specially for iPhone customers kay!

Serba sedikit tentang iPhone. iPhone 3G combines three products in one – a revolutionary phone, widescreen iPod and breakthrough internet device – to create an incredible mobile experience. Dengan kepantasan 3G networking, GPS mapping and support for enterprise features termasuk Microsoft Exchange, iPhone 3G lengkap digunakan dengan jari jemari korang.

The groundbreaking App Store provides access to tens of thousands of applications from games to social networking to financial planning and health management, generating more than 500 million downloads to date. iPhone  3G sekarang sudah berada di lebih 70 negara di seluruh dunia.

Maxis are no different to other operators that introduced iPhone, korang kenalah sign up a contract to get an authorized iPhone.  Depa cakap Maxis iPhone harganya RM4K pastuh kalo kat Low Yat harganya lak memanglah murah at RM2.7K . But hangpa kenalah ingat with Maxis iPhone ada data and voice offer, yet yang cekai nya tuh takdak.  At the end pun, the plan by Maxis iPhone is only asking for RM150 per month and that is very affordable when you do the comparison.

Some kan gang bas merah, Maxis has the best 3G/data offers lak tuh.  Tapi yelah, kot kamu kata mahal sangat kan, tapi Maxis ada jugak easy payment schemes when charged against credit card. Payment lak are amortized over 12months.

Maxis will offer the 8GB and 16GB iPhone 3G models with four new and specially designed postpaid plans called iValue, all of which are voice-data bundled price plans, starting from RM100 per month. For customers who sign up for a monthly commitment of RM375 over a 24-month period on the iValue 4 plan, the iPhone 3G 8GB will be free of charge.

The new price plans on 24-month contracts are:

Price Plan :

iValue 1 iValue 2 iValue 3 iValue 4
Monthly fee RM100 RM155 RM250 RM375

Voice credit (mins)

333 mins 666 mins 1,500 mins 2,500 mins

Data credit (MB)

500MB 1GB 2GB 3GB

iPhone 8GB

RM1,510 RM1,260 RM680 RM0 (free)

iPhone 16GB

RM1,890 RM1,640 RM1,060 RM260

There are also for 12-months & 6 months contracts. Here is the details:

Even the existing Maxis Postpaid customers with tenure of more than 6 months AND current monthly commitment usage of RM250 and above can waive the advance payment. So for other mobile operators subscribers, apa lagi ambil balik la deposit korang & jadikan advanced payment for this wonderful gadget 🙂


Sirman’s iPod Touch

Kalo citer pasal iPhone ni pulak, pehhh this gadget mmg betul2 cool & entertaining, as ai said earlier not only as a phone tapi boleh juga main games, layan lagu/mp3 & video, surfing internet & macam2 lagi. Sirman kan ada iPod Touch, so functions dia mmg sama except iPod Touch tu tak dak phone & camera la. Kadang aku tgk berebut2 Abang & Gegirl nak pinjam iPod Touch bapak dia sbb nak main games. Games mmg berlambak2 kat iTunes App Store, yg free ada, yg commercial pun ada. The same goes with other applications, lagu/mp3 & video. Then kadang Sirman time lepak2 tgk tv dia touch2 iPod dia tu browsing internet. Tu baru iPod, kalo iPhone lagi la bestttt.

So apa lagi geng pergi la booking cepat2 kat atau tepon 1800 821 123.

Lagi satu kalo u all booking now till 17th March ni, korang akan dpt invitation to Official iPhone 3G Launch Events on 20-22 March next week at Kuala Lumpur Conversation Centre. Aku dapat jemputan tak nih Maxis iPhone weih? bagilah iPhone tu kat teman barang satu ke 12 ke, nak gak satu buat modal blog, laju sket aku buat entry bila dah ada iPhone nih.

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