Blogging for Fame and Fortune…


ai tried to finish this book, tak semestinya kamu dah ke atas, masih di bawah, tetengah or nak naik memuncak u dont need to read it. Dari blogging gak saya dapat bayo my 3 Coach. n few other stuff etcs.

saya akan review a bit bout the book, so useful for me lah this book. n for all of you too. Not sure ada jual kat Msia idok buku ni, cuba lah korang google carik. a gift from a fren from his overseas trip, semata2 nak pastikan aku nya line lam blogging tak tersasar.


I quote form the book –   

…Well, as someone who is new to blogging, what better way to learn about becoming a successful blogger than from people who have already proven themselvs to be experts?

..when you become a blogger who generates a good level of traffic to your blog, you automatically become something of a public figure or online celebrity, at lease on some scale.

…people have to believe that you believe what you are blogging about if you want people to take you seriously.

…the more online fame you achieve, the more important it is to regularly update your blog and desmostrate an online presence


RM’s readers…

People dont simply become famous…

if you think nak naik famous macam tu lepas bukak satu 2 entries, think twice ahead lah. You really have to work hard, ai have lots of tips for you but i will share it ‘live’ or for easieast way, you can always read my previous April’s entry., RM reveals her secret –  I have the tips there gak.


Perez Hilton the most famous blogger in the world has 9million hits per day! but he oso made a mistake in his blogging life, he did stated in the book yang dia has no time to read other blogs, his life is committed to his blog. His mom and sister are the staff of . He exaggagerate in his blog too….ahahhaha but dia tak menyesal dengan apa yang dia tulih wpun ada yang akan buat orang tersentap.


I know lots of you, more than 27thousands bloggers  in Malaysia had registered under nuffnang expect to become a millionaire as a blogger, if you think you can achieve that  in one night, think again. Realistically, most people dont get rich just from their blog, unless you are Perez Hilton. Ai dont get rich too, kalau dak napa aku tak berenti keje je kan? hehehhehehe

I have some notes posted in, do have a look, one day one time saya akan share lagi sedikit info dari buku Blogging for Fame and Fortune. Dok pun, tunggu saja saya on air 🙂

The book was written by Jason R.Rich.

This entry is written by Redmummy from


one day

ai wanna become famous and rich from blogging too ….

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