My White date…

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I’m now in love with White because somebody wants to give me a luxury White bag of my choice! (I want ELLLVEEEE). Some more White kan suci, bersih & sedap mata memandang. I likeeee. But what I have to do to get it? Well, I have to go on White date! Agak2 Sirman marah dak?
ssssyhhhhhhhhhh 😉


redmummy in White 😉

and I think White can match with any color kan… so you would not go wrong if you wear White. Even my daughter’s room full of white furnitures 🙂

Ok let me tell you about my White date. I’ve been given only 14 days to make the preparation for the date. So korang sure wondering, apa yg kena prepare kan? Jeng jeng jenggg…

On day 1, 1st thing I have to do is to make sure that my teeth are White & shinny. Apa lagi  I keep on brushing lagi & lagi my teeth la. And look how shinny my teeth here 🙂 so skrg senyum pun nampak gigi hehehehhe


The next day sambung gosok gigi lagi. Of cos la kan, gosok gigi kena la hari2 dok 🙂 kalo boleh 4-5 kali sehari.


Pastu hari ke 3, I kena cari a perfect white dress utk di pakai semasa dating nanti, so here is my dream dress. Aku kan minat Tok Ti so aku pilih la white dress Tok Ti tu ha… cantik kannn…



Tapi kalo tak dapat dress tu, dress yang aku pakai ni ok dok?

But sambil2 tunggu the next day punya task aku jawab la pulak a questionaire on “Which White Are You? Patutnya which red are you la kan, ahh tapi taper la, carry on…


and I am a Witty White 🙂 intelligent wooo don’t play2 haa


It’s facial time on day 5. I’ve to choose which cleanser I want to use, which moisturizer I prefer & is it cucumber or potato I like to put on? Well it’s my day to day routine anyway, so I get to used it already maaa


Btw, I also completed the Special Task given, this is for me to get an extra special bonus points! Syok la buat all those preparations. Feel like to go on the 1st date lak huhuhuhuu


yeyyy I got a few days more to go before I fully transform to go on White date. Uuuishhh can’t wait 🙂

Well actually, I am doing this virtually on allshinywhite, jangan la korang ingat aku nak kuor dating ngan orang lain lak ya! And the good thing is, NOT only me alone have a chance to get the luxury White bag. YOU all too can have it as well. Not only bag but other exciting prizes such as iPhone 16GB, Sony VAIO P Series Notebook & Sony MP3 Player huhuhuuu.


Apa yg korang kena buat ialah play “The White Date Contest” like I did above. Of cos you have to complete all 14 days. Me tinggal beberapa hari jer. Go register & explore yourself & show how creative you are to complete all the tasks given cos the winner will be judged by their creativity! And you can play from the facebook too 🙂


Huwaaa but I still want my Red White ELLLVEEEE!!!


agak2 kalau aku tukar jadik best dak? Sapa sokong?


But they already called me White blogger maa… how aaa??

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