RM’s template back on track…

this vid taken last sunday. i was surfing the net… visiting friend’s blog, looking for communication notes, googleing journal for my thesis… facebooking… and reading kak red’s site (must read at least twice a week…) ^-^v

if u are one of kak red readers, u surely noticed that she used to hv this green template for certain occasion (ala, lupa plak the occasion…). well, my meme’ love hanging around beside me everytime am on my notebook. and kak red’s sites hv this little purple bird and picture of kids playing at the playground. the cute thing is whenever and whichever you scroll ur mouse on the bird n the kids, the bird will chirping and the kids laughing…. and meme’ is verrrryyyyy sensitive with bird’s sound. i accidentally click the bird and when meme’ heard the chirping sound, he was so anxious to find the bird’s whereabout… heheheee…. he was so cute…. with that higher level of curiosity…



i have removed the Johnson’s template, dah terlebih sebulan pun hiks….terlupa kau nak cabut, 2 malam lepas baru took down. sampai dapat pesanan penaja dari Nuffnang lah smlm. takpelah aku bagi extra days kat client.

that template was so special, sesuai dengan watak saya sebagai Parenting Blog Nominees. Paling Gegirl suker itu bunyik kecipan burung, bertweet chip chip…cute kan.

Dan blog saya kembali memerah…

Banyak perubahan yang slowly sedang dilakukan oleh saya client ahhahahah aku nak buat changes? takdo ke masanya. Sirman nak buat? hai dia pun dpt sub job sepah2 yang aku dapat la nih. Team work kay. We do it slowly, but professional. The tasks are all done by the big names, n the progress are damn pretty good.

I m so excited to see the new of RM, after the Project Alpha, people want to see me standing up in Nuffnang Blog Awards, thank you korang to those yang dah voted for RM. dah abih pun tarikh vote tuh. Just dont expect too much, i may come back to KL with an empty hand, from the nite, or mbe with the full luggage from my catwalk in Singapore.

Kita kalau nak hoping pun, biar ukur di badan sendiri lah gitu kan. so kita kena lah ada limit, n better dont expect something more if it s not our standard.

So i guess, let s concentrate on the shopping then 🙂

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