2 secret things, not for you to know!



my 2nd time went to the Boss office

i wont go there for nothing, kalau nak amik barang ke hapa, i ll send my runner, i will not go physically. but kalau sudah ‘we need you here for a meeting’ harus sahaja ikut kata the Boss.

But wpun saya adalah product and among the top bloggers in Malaysia, one thing yang kamu  harus paham konsep saya:


I will not share what s the purpose of the meeting for sure. Of course lah, aku sangat kedekut dengan info and relationship aku, anything u wanna  know aku boleh jawab tapi kalau part2 confidential, nama pun pnc kan, mana leh announce oi.



The second:

I will not share with you, what s the figures for my advertorial jobs. What am i m getting is not the same with the regular bloggers. so jangan ingat dia dpt advertorial Minyak Panas, aku pun ada gak Advertorial Minyak Panas,  then ko pi korek kat budak tu harganya and assume that s my price. NO.  Sebagai menjaga periuk nasi  as a top blogger, we have our own price and package. we are not the same with other bloggers.

I found out some ppl pi korek kat some ppl on how much do i earn from each advertorials. Wah wah! semua main jalan belakang je kan nak kepoh tau…!

So let s photos speak for me. ada lagi gambar2 yang mahal tapi aku tak leh letak lah…….sirman ni pun amik tak agak2 kasi cover.

Meet the Nuffies during the Nuffnang Blog Awards, 3 bus ko team Malaysia anto the bloggers, and client for the event!

Anybody wanna see Redmummy in Singapore?

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