Disneyland – A Winter Wonderland


kalau dah namanya concept Disney, gambo butter pun kuor Mickey 🙂


had a hi tea with clients, the people from HK Disneyland…and the man behind the scene too. a malaysian, works and settled own in HK…


perkh kuih muih kek yang depa bagi makan punyalah banyak, tp aku asik bedal the udang nya jer…ngap ngap ngappp! while the bosses are having their serious discussion wt client, the girls sibuk menggedik bergambo…

Audrey with her pale look, not realy lah, she was sick sampai Disneyland…tu yang macam pucat jer


Wendy punya gigih buat hair bow, tak tau lah camne dia buat, guess she s like Ringo too, pandai buat ponytail kat rambut memasing. me pocitau.


look at our longggggg table. full of pastry. camne nak abih tuh, actually girls side almost habis, siap kami curi2 lagi from the boys part. ater depa dok bercakap meeting kan, the girls pulak dok ngap ngap ngapppp


Ringo, take my photo with the waiter behind me cepat cepatttttt, ai feel so english hahahaha! pirahhhhhhhh. we got a very 5 star service from the client, they brought us here and they give us splendid customer service too….


Guide map is already in hand, nak jalan dok? tapi yagn benornya tak refer pun kat Guide Map tuh coz we have Tim mar.every year tetiap taun dia datang Disneyland, abih celah bedah Disneyland HK ni dia tau…


i can show u a little bit of what is inside, but not all…mbe at the end of the HK Disney’s entry lah nanti kuor

IMG_2224 n time for the park! the real Disneyland…


rasanya dalam kol 6 dah gelap gulita…huhuuuuuuu! we took a shuttle bus from the hotel to Disneyland, adalah lam less than 10min. the bus is only for the hotel guests, the HK Disneyland hotel and Hollywood Hotel.


Sleeping Beauty Castle

when we got here, they are doing a promo on Xmas, so they have transformed the park into A Sparkling Christmas – A Winter Wonderland. just about time coz masa ni pun ngah winter but no snow lah. sejuk marr…lagi malam lagi sejuk. siang pun sejuk gak, kalo angin lagi lah ko menahan sejuknyaaaaaaa.


dah macam festival pesta je rasa….walking on the snowy main street USA, which is called Main Street Christmas


with the all new Ligths of Winter will ignite Guests senses and the evening sky, siap dengan perfect harmony to inspiring holiday music. rambut diorang ni sama je aku tengok, satu kedai wig kot ahhahahahaha


big giant xmas tree,sparkling giler, depan tu ada parade, at a specific time


gadis2 genit yang gedik….


pose for my kids….they should they should and they should come to Disneyland!


another photo for my kids too, wuiii bengang tol Abang and Gegirl tengok gambar2 aku kat Disneyland kayy


we entered the It s a small world, banyak gila dolls kekecik lam tuh, siap bergerak2 ngan live entertainment lagi. waa syoknyaa…..along the way dalam tu kita jumpa atleast 38 characters.


boss is busy leading us…


pose lagi, Estee wt her fancy look and Ringo with her hong kong superstar style…

IMG_2302 for my kids too!


bestlah dalam it s a small world nih



we spent till the closing time at 9pm, not trying most of the rides but at least kita dapat tengok the parade and the fireworks. you dont have to worry if you are going to miss the show or the parade or the bunga api letup2 coz sebelum bermula each sessions, kita akan dapat dengo the voice announcement everywhere. if u manage to get the right spot, lagi best viewnya.

oh btw tickets price for 1 day is HK350 (sila divide by 2 jer for getting in ringgit). kalau nak kuor masuk balik hotel pun boleh but must endorse your pass lah. for kids aged 3-11 pulak HK250 and senior citizens is HK170. if im not mistaken if you stay 1 more nite either in HK Disney or Hollywood Hotel,u may entitle free park tickets on the 2nd day.


aku tak amik gambo banyak for the fireworks, best kalau divideokan, but aku takut tak cukup size of the memory card, even bawak 2 kads pun buatnya full, hegeh2 pulak nak delete yang mana satu tak nak pakai.

in between gak i went into the souveniors shop, which nanti kita tengok, but ada one time aku terleka sampai lupa yang kita nak pi dinner. till ringo and audrey carik aku lah minta ingat jalan pulang ke pangkal ahahhahahha.

shopping is my desire.

aternya dalam tuh penuh ngan merchandise Disney, i cannot bring my kids, but let me bring Disney to them 🙂

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