Design for a new house…





we went to see the interior design for the few sample houses in Shah Alam. well, we are not buying a new house, happy wt 2 houses that we have currently, but i m just walking through to see the design. but we just saw 2 sample houses jer, coz sirman was in hurry.

the photos in this entry is from the first sample house, i wish sirman bolehlah snap photos for the 2nd house, but he tak masuk, so i dont have a camera wt me.





i like the master bedroom’s walking wardrobe. wish to have like that, if not the same, but at least dah dapat gambaran for the CV unit.

not sure still whether we will move in there or to just rent it. sirman’s idea untuk sewakan rumah besar CV tu. sedihnya. coz i refuse to move there, but aku nak dok sana over weekend jer. so either we move or we sewakan. the kind has spoken.


n i like the idea of this unit too, having office in own house. totally office tak mix up ngan main bedroom at all. how i wish to have this in our CV but if jadi kami sewakan rumah CV, my wish to have an office in my own house will not come true.

Remember on Project Redmummy’s on going right now. part of that is not about blogging, but also to reflect our personal life. If we maintain 2 houses, means 2 kind of bills and utilities nak kena cover. Not that we cant afford it, but it will be so much waste of money.

So i hope by midst next year, someone is renting our new CV, if not, bayor jer ler dedua rumah ngan 2 bills. api air streamyx, new furniture too. ehhehehehe….furniture baru di rumah CV, waa ai like it.

Lam pala aku ingat Pearl Indra jer to be my interior designer, but to fly her  down to kl from spore, wuiii over lah pulak mak merah. so let s play by ear then.

I will call for help if i need an interior designer for my CV kay. kalau takat nak sewakan, aku tak jadilah panggil korang designkan 🙂

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