Dads Dating Day…


when i was in HK, Sirman went out with kids to watch 2012. not only with abang and Gegirl, but also wt his good buddy n kids too. bayangkan 2 bapak tunggul dengan 5 anak berkeliaran sana sini.


if mom can do

so does dad!


the good fren of Sirman n his 3 kiddos. ada yang montel ada yang kurus. sangat ngam2 sama anak2 ku……


actually while i was away, i gave the long list to sirman to do, tapi hahahahahaha, out of the 10 long list, separuh je yang dia buat. u know when aku kat HK hari ahad pagi, i know that time was Abang’s taekwando class n i reminded him via sms…

as expected…kids tak pergi taekwando n gymnastic. hui bapak korang…project lain yang dia buat hek.



i know sirman is very good dad, he can handle the kids sejak budak2 ni dari baby lagi. he infact yang pertama mandikan depa while depa masih lagi tiny baby, not me, coz i was totally on confinement, n i can trust him on that. but part2 yang side activities anak2 ni yang dia kadang2 leka skip sket.

so all in all, if i m flying again, i will not worry much, but again long list kena sediakan lah. n i hv to keep on calling them, to check on the schedules.

We are going to December, the final month of the year. 2010 is coming with lots of Project Redmummy. Abang is going to be in Year 3 and Gegirl will be in her 6th year old kindy. makin meningkat umur and aku masih lagi selesa beranak 2 sahaja.


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