My dream which will never come true…


if i cannot buy, i will just try 🙂

the one that i dream so much dah abih jual. memanglah they dont carry so much in the boutique but the dream will not come true at all. Sirman buat aku sambal lah jugak kang. the price that i hold is RM11,700. but the one yang aku minat tapi dah abih, slightly smaller than in the photo is RM10,400.

so camne lah aku nak beli, baru bukak citer Chanel, Sirman dah zip mulut ai.

even to buy from Europe yang cheaper a bit than Msia pun i dont think Sirman bagi. he said twice ody.


i m not buying any new designer handbags anymore (at the moment as i speak hahahahahah) coz even nak pi holiday pun Sirman suh hold everything. we are building up an empire of other things…perkh cakap cam project besar gilerr. It s part of Project Redmummy. so i hope it s happening. i know in long term purposes, it will benefit the red family.

huhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! it s ok. i m partly agreed jugak. pikirkan long term, mak merah redha. so for those yang nak join club aku berenti sebentar membeli designer handbags, mbe utk few months or years, welcome to my club. kalau hbag yang less than RM1k tu bolehlah kot kot kot…but more than that, i cannot lor. n if i wanna buy, i have to use my own money from the permanent job, not from my blogging money anymore.


so anw, isteri yang baik mendengar cakap suaminya (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!) yollah Sirman oi…!

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