Superly tired…






i was in and out with my family for 2 days in a row, pastuh RM ni pun kedaung. sib baik ada Tupperware’s adv huhuuuuuuuuuu….but i tot i can upload more entries and photos tonite, tapi mata aku dah sipi2.

so take these photos first, while attended a private launching by our new sponsor in Project Alpha Season 2. i ll talk and post photos bout it later on. selit gambo RM and photographer je lah dulu yer….oh yes, u read it, Season 2 yer…ha sapokah bloggers yang terpilih huhuuuuuuuuuuu.

btw to parents out there, if you can participate to this contest would be good. it s a big event, my adv on that is out quite late, coz too many advs of mine masih lagi on q, so please grab a chance to participate and bolehlah block out your date coz ada session wt RM too. i must announce it cos by xmas ramai dah pergi bercuti yet the closing date is so soon.

wow, makin lambat aku slowkan entries makin bertubi2 hutang stories nak kena kuor lah, so pls be patient, i owe u lots of potpettttttttsss!

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