The giant dressing table…


tengok dressing table ni, photo was taken from the 3rd floor of BSC. it s not small size untuk kita manusia. it s the giantttttttttttt size! ko berdiri bawah meja dressing tu jer yer…

bestnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, unik2.


n everything here semuanya memang besau2 size giant. event the books, table lamp, books cabinets, semua memang size besarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. hohoooooooooo!

i didnt go down to check on it coz was rushing to go back home.

if you happen to be in BSC, do drop by at their concourse floor and tengoklah apa yang best jual dalam nih, think this is for xmas get away too.

oh BSC is Bangsar Shopping Complex.

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