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Katakanlah korang tgh lepak2 kat mamak, minum teh tarik, makan rojak borak2 menganyam ketupat tapi dalam masa yang sama layan twitter and facebook dari handphone korang. Of cos la kan boleh katakan semua layan facebook dari henpon jer skrg ni. Sekali tiba2 korang terperasan lak MAS’ Facebook latest news feed: “Low Fares! Only RM288 onwards to Bangkok!” Dah la tak de laptop nak access MAS website nak buat booking, terpaksa la tunggu balik rumah ke opis nanti baru buat booking.

Lagi worse kalau MAS’ Facebook latest news feed: “Low Fares! Only RM88 onwards to Bangkok! Offer opens only for 1 hour from now” ha tak ke melepas korang. Mana nak carik internet nak buat booking kan jam2 tu gak…

But not for me, I can easily book those offers just pakai my henpon jer. Let me introduce the new MAS’s which is mobile service that let you book your flights from your mobile by logging into


Seriously betul ke boleh booking flight pakai henpon jer ni. Yup mmg betul, bukan saja booking jer tapi ade beberapa features lagi yg tawarkan.


from your mobile, go to

Easy booking: Purchase or hold tickets booked. (For dates within 30 days)
Check-in: Paperless boarding passes via using a 2D barcode.
Flight Status: Check if your flight is departing on time or has been retimed.
Deals and Offers: Tells you the hottest deals, which you can then book on the spot!
Baggage Tracer: Lost or delayed luggage? Simply place the baggage reference and we’ll locate it.


cth katakan nak book KL – AMS

Cool kan. So korang anywhere anytime now korang boleh book flight tickets hanya di hujung jari anda. Better subscribe to MAS Facebook to get latest offers 🙂

Dan satu lagi, ada satu lagi unik feature where you can share your itinerary with your friends on the social networking such as Facebook, TripIt and Dopplr. Double cool! So nanti u can have your itinerary as your latest FB Wall! Sure jeles kawan2 korang hehehheee


siap boleh pilih time & ticket price sekali 😉

But to make this post more interesting, MAS generously wants to give you all flight tickets as per below:
2x Economy Class Return Tickets to Istanbul, Turkey
2x Economy Class Return Tickets to Seoul, Korea or Tokyo, Japan
2x Economy Class Return Tickets to any destination in ASEAN

Well actually a contest, 1st, 2nd & 3rd price respectively 😉
Apa yang korang kena buat ialah simply tell us why Malaysia Airlines’ flight services on mobile phone are so easy to use – by recording a video clip entitled “ – as easy as _____________”. Whether it’s as easy as “singing the A,B,C song” or “doing the Thriller dance”, just use your creativity! Rap, sing, mime, do the chicken dance or better yet – surprise us!

Then, upload your video to Youtube (sign up for an account at and email your video link along with Full Name, Email, and Mobile telephone number to
The contest runs from 11 January 2010 – 5 February 2010.

Good luck guys, yup for me – as easy as sms texting 😉

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