1 1/2 hours interview session with Press…


had an interview session with a reporter from the local newspaper….among the questions …

1. Do you really have to look good and apply make up everyday?

2. Do you expect to become a very popular blogger, i mean among the top bloggers in Malaysia?

3. Why dont u just quit from your permanent job and becoming a full time blogger?

4. Why did you choose ‘Redmummy’s’ name?

5. What is your family’s reaction to your blogging life, cos you seem to be very busy blogger, day and nite?

News on Redmummy to be out on February, The Star.

korang nak jawabkan soalan2 tu? eh boleh boleh…reporter leh tolong editkan, she s reading my blog mar hahahahahaha…..

ok udah, ini interview ke 3 for 2010! good move!

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