The cocktail party…


Red, r u going to post our photos in your blog?

of cos!!!

alah dont lah, shy lar



I used to serve Momo, he is my best honeybossy ever. Baby G is my good fren, both are chindian 🙂

Red – r u coming to our cocktail party and wedding or not??


pls block out your calendar from your blogging job lah, you have missed our Hindu’s reception last Oct. Merajuk wt you ody, your blogging event is much important than our wedding.

ok ok, sorry bout it, i was in spore la, but i have blocked my calendar from any blogging job, specially for your wedding ok!!


aku terasa macam berdiri sebelah Tower 1 and Tower 2 of klcc jer…

Baby G pakai kasut 5,6 inci koooooooo, camne tak tinggi kedaung!

i m so happy with their marriage, aku menahan beban menutup rahsia percintaan depa dari public, tiap kali orang tanya aku terpaksa pretend ‘tak tau tak tau’ n yes akhirnya the lovely couple sudah menjadi suami isteri!!hoyeyhhhh!

the unique part of their wedding, very international and very the muhibbah. Hari tu bulan Oct depa buat Hindu’s reception, soon pulak buat for church and also chinese reception. blom campur lagi the gala wedding lagik! n this one yang aku n sirman attended ni pulak is only the cocktail party!

Kalau korang my loyal readers yang dari zaman 3,4 tahun dulu pastinya ingat Momo….the very very famous Momo in RM.

so those nak jemput saya to korang nya wedding, block awal-awal kay….Momo and Baby G’s wedding ni pun aku block 2 bulan tarikh wedding depa, siap aku sound Nuffnang lagi for not giving me any event yang sama tarikh ngan weddings depa.

This entry is my tribute to my 2 lovely frens.

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