Gegirl’s nite :)


There s a little girl, my colleague’s sweet daughter. she loves with Gegirl’s baby doll. Manika ke hapa nya nama baby  doll gegirl nih, but she never call that name anymore. think coz Gegirl has so many baby dolls and bears, she always forgot their names ahhahah! so she brought baby doll to Penang, and even accompany her for dinner. well of cos, at d end aku gak yang kena jaga babynya.

so Lala, the sweet girl loves to play wt gegirl’s baby doll. slowly dia datang, mula2 datang tengok, pastu datang pegang. Gegirl sempat pesan kat maknya make sure jangan the girl amik her doll. heheheheh….


and Lala is getting closer to the baby doll…


and more closer….. 🙂

you know why? coz someone is so busy on d stage…


after having her dinner, she quickly ran to the front stage and joined the chicken dance wt Uncle Ally….


She loves to dance…


berbaloilah tu tinggalkan baby dollnya to Lala, coz she got something from Uncle Ally Iskandar. abangnya dpt apa? dapat sorakkan adiknya coz abang is a bit lazy tonite…

so her baby doll got a new piano set 🙂

**Yes Ally is handsome but sorry saya tak tau dia available ke idak hek 🙂

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