Should try Sushi…


Hi Diva Darling!!

now u gotta see the owner of my new  sponsored dress….i heard lots of you went shopping at her site!


me and my fren are so much on diet mood, so rasa macam nak try sushi plak. i think if i m not mistaken (havent asked my nutritionist yet) but this kind of food is good and healthy too for our dietary program. i love Sushi too, cuma sebab Sirman tak berapa suka nak makan, so aku pun x de sangatlah coz no gang gang lor. so dat s y we feel like to opt our food with something diff, so i guess we should try Sushi.

the price for the 1 packet of Sushi (small 16pcs) is around RM9 gitu.but itu bukan untuk sorang nya makanlah, we will share the packet. n bcos we dont really like to eat in our office, mbe jalan kedek2 pi naik food court, get some drinkds and eat it. hahahahaha sounds so not RM.


Yday i had a suku of nasi lemak as bfast. my fren bought for me,  lagi 3 suku tuh aku bagi si hensem yet dia pun ada nasi lemak bought from downstairs. i skipped lunch but to accompany Diva Darling, i ate 3 pcs of cekodok and teh tarik. n coz i dont go for my MFB, i quickly took my suku nasi for dinner. lapik perut mar..last heavy meal was during breakfast jer.

So i guess the Sushi should help me a lot, lagipun ada gang yang sama nak membuang lemak. so can do lor kan…

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