Fashion Week for The Green Party!

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Hey Girls and Guys…

I bet all of you tak kira laki pompuan lam RM nih, tua muda…even the young kids love to dress up. For eg like my kids, pun suka pakai hensem2 and lawa comel lota when they want to walk out from home. I tell u abang kalau pergi kelas tuition at Smart Reader nya bukan main meletup mamat tu berpakaian. Sometimes baju yang aku allocate untuk event pun dia pi sarung pakai jugak. When ask to change, he kept saying ‘takkan pergi tuition tak boleh pakai hensem2 plak mummy’

So if my kids yang very the young age pun suka berfesyen apatah lagi us the big adult. Same goes to me, I love fesyen so much. For all events that I attended, I will change my fesyen from top to toe. Not only that, I wear it differently with shoes, hairstyle, handbag and make up mood. I m not the trensetter of any fashion style in Malaysia but people know that I only wear red colour for events that I attend, which reflects from my RM’s name.

Even I m not wearing any red outfit, I will ensure my handbag is red, or shoes or the accessories, of cos red is my permanent colour.

I bring you to some of my red collections to suit the scenario, you can call it as a fashion show via RM coz I m not a model so I dont get a chance to catwalk in a proper stage show. Vavavaaa! Nak jugak merasa but kerendahanku wpun pakai 6 kaki kasut pun tak mungkin layak aaa….


The blue long dress can be worn for a party, or any nite event…siapa cakap a 5”2 height tak boleh pakai long dress, of cos you can! Dont get panic if people say we cannot wear it coz mestilah in style. Some more u have to be confident to carry your outfit. If you dok teragak2 nak pakai ha memang tak kenalah ngan badan ko pulak ye dak.


Because the long blue dress is quite sexy with off shoulder style, dapat pulak anak lelaki aku sokmo tak berkenan mak nya pakai seksi2 hahahaha…abang oh abang. So aku opt wt red short jacket. You can button or loose it like the above photo. And I am ready to attend the event. The long blue dress was bought in Singapore but I never get a chance to wear it yet and the red jacket was bought in the Curve but pun belum lagi ada chance nak pakai…


I like this ropol2 dress so much that’s why I never decided to put it on sale at Shop@RM. I used to see a model wore it on stage, promoting the brand and itulah cinta pandang pertama and I managed to buy it from the boutique. This definitely not suitable to wear to my office, it looks too ‘party girl’ but I used to wear it for an event invited by my client.

But not to worry, saya boleh juga bawak pergi kerja, just in case saya tak sempat nak balik rumah and lari to party…by wearing the black jacket.


You would never go wrong with black but let s put it an open mind that red also is very rich and famous colour to be worn. Memakai jacket hitam menyelamatkan keseksian satu, dan boleh juga ganti untuk pergi bekerja di siang hari dan malamnya pulak for huha ramburamba!

Hey frens, being a mom doesnt mean I cannot be master in fashion.


There will be a Green Party for the springtime feeling. You go green! I don’t have many outfits in green, but that doesn’t mean I m not supporting the Go Green campaign :). This year for the spring/summer 2010 collecitons, green menjadi warna yang utama, it s a rebirth of fashion and korang boleh join at the Curve, Centre Court for a stylish white runway.

Yes, RM will be joining to watch the Curve Fashion Week, not only that, they also have the Mother’s Day campaign themed “Mom, We Love You’ which will run from 30 April till 9 May.

9 May is the Mother’s Day celebration :).

The campaign is to pay homage to mothers out there who are also a successful career woman. I guess I should participate this too. I am a career mummy too marrrrrrrrrrrr!


Flowerish top is sponsored by Diva Darling

As I said, the colour green concept will be featured in the Centre Court of the Curve and seats untuk tetamu pula will be surronding of the stage. Vavavava! I like it. Tapi kalau aku catwalk sama atas pentas, korang jangan gelak kay . Hehehehhehe .

The participating brands for the event will be:

  1. August 8
  2. Binwani’s
  3. B-Ha Lingerie
  4. Debenhams
  5. Elements
  6. Focus Point
  7. Girls
  8. G2000
  9. Hair Kunst
  10. Habib
  11. Kitschen
  12. Le Ann Maxima
  13. Metrojaya (Somerset Bay and East India Company)
  14. Nichii
  15. PU3
  16. T-Joue
  17. The Wedding Boutique
  18. Uluwatu

From the list, I have all the brands, but satu brand yang aku blum ada lagik yakni Uluwatu. I saw their site before and it suits me but the price is a bit pricey for me. Mbe during the Curve Fashion Week they can go big big discounts. Who knows?


Model from the the previous Fashion Show is wearing white pant. I don’t really like the white colour, coz I m so clumsy, ada je kang ada lipstick lah, air kopi tertumpah kat seluar baju aku kang. But when I see the model pakai gini, ngan nice suit white hat, it gives me the idea on how to change my dress for the event that I m going to attend.


Dont forget that the fashion show is not only for the adult but also for the young girls age between 6 to 12 yrs old. Wonder camne aku nak get Gegirl to involve with the show. She is 6 yrs old and I m sure she would be very happy to participate this. Well even she s not selected, I don’t mind taking her to the Curve fashion show, so she can see the young girls catwalk with the new latest dress.


Shoppers in the Curve yang spending RM120 and above or max of 2 receipts adalah layak untuk redeem gift from Yours Truly (the brand yek, bukan RM). But it’s so limited to 20 shoppers on weekdays and 50 shoppers for the weekend.  Not only that, if you are spending above RM250 in a max of 2 receipts pun boleh redeem a cup and saucer set by IDEKO. Wah mak mak kalo baca tang barang free dapur ni sure ajak laki pergi shopping kaw kaw in the Curve.

For Body Shop Charity Event on 7 May 2010, they are selling shirts whereby the nett will proceed to the NGO partners. Of cos the signature drive for their Save the Forest sesuai dengan campaign on stage yang sedang the Curve Fashion Week langsungkan.


You think as a mother we cannot be a model or good trendsetter to audience or readers, no I don’t think so! I am among thousands of mothers yang wear my outfit with confidence and I choose my own outfit without any supervision from any fashion designers. I have many types of outfit, for the event, for work, for casual, for having jalan2 with my super active kids, for dating with the husband or even for attending a muslim’s ceremony.

Don’t be too fashionista if you don’t have the confidence, don’t follow other people style if it doesn’t suit your body and your style of living. The important thing, please don’t think that wearing expensive dress will make you look good, trust me a cheap top/dress if you carry in style, people will judge you as a super model too 🙂

Hey…u gotta the clear picture of my story, so come and spread the news bout the Curve Fashion Week themed “The Green Party” holding on 6 to 9 May 2010. See ya all there 🙂

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