Astro #byondpvr – live from Midvalley!

hi frens


i m now at Midvalley Megamall, the north court area (next to Jusco). Please help to support me by coming to Midvalley, but if you cant i need you to leave comments supporting me in this entry.


kami dibekukan di dalam ruang berkaca sehingga jam 530 petang hari ini. In the morning, we already have Jai from teratakarmo and Lyn Yusuf.

I have one big task to do which need my readers to help me at 530pm today, so korang kalau boleh tolonglah datang yek, coz without all of you i tak boleh buat task tuh. sapa2 boleh tolong spread the news to anyone yang ada di Midvalley, pls yer.


n do register at Nuffnang to get the doorgift, and remember to register under the name of . They Nuffies are Michelle, Fresh, Yuen Yee,  and Veendee.  Huai Bin is one of those yang mendera saya jugak yek isk isk isk…plus the other 3 bloggers, Beautifulnara, Michael and Eiling.

Only for Astro Byond PVR.

So overall:

1. leave as many comments as you can here to support me before 1100am today! COMMENTS SAMPAI MUNTAH BEBANYAK PUN TAK PER….REPEAT COMMENTATORS OSO CAN!

2. come to help me at midvalley, whole day today, specially the task at 530pm

3. register at Nuffies in Midvalley and mention RM, u gonna get the doorgift!

4. Support me RM pehlishhhh, whoever stays till 530pm today in Midvalley, wait for me sampai abih task, kita pergi makannnnn, on me ok, eh on RD aka Sirman  from RM’s account muahahahha! jom jommm


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