R for Redmummy from Tiffany & Co…


a runner sent this bouquet set on Sunday morning! teaser from Ayu the sun and rose …thanks girls!

apa menda lah project GBM sesajor nih, siap ada teaser dulu plakkk


comel je hadiah nih…no red colour at all, inside nor outside


without flash, can u see the R?


with flash…R for Redmummy


wearing it for the first time at somewhere, someplace …sterling silver with R pendant, so unique!


for the 35th birthday gift of Redmummy, thank you Anonymous 🙂

i should have the full pendant of ‘Redmummy’ too….nanti aku pi jenguk Tiffany kat KLCC nun. kalau buat emas rugilah, aku tak pakai emas hari2….pakai time wedding jer. so takper, to add up for the R pendant, Redmummy kena ado…

Gegirl…cantik tak rantai and pendant mummy?

cantik…R for Mummy yek?

hahahah R for Redmummy lerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

aku tak leh beli pendant Redmummy from Sirman’s allocation, dia dah strictly said, to buy the gelang kaki….

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