Juicy Couture from PV!


ada berani nak sahut 1 cabaran isi untuk dalam kotak Juicy Couture nih?

ok check out the Princess Victoria’s link nih and tell me, which one of the links there yang match with this  ISI dalam photo. I want name and colour of the item!

Winner may get something from RM (not from PV).

Hadiahnya bukan Juicy Couture’s product but i ll think of something else, as usual Ayuthesun will contact you for the winner.

Senang gak?

1. Tell me the isi kandungan + colour of the box

2. Drop your comments + name + email dalam entry nih


Happy hunting in PV’s blog 🙂

Jangan teka lagi dah, SUDAH TUTUP SEJAK MIDNITE, korang tak baca my comment ker…winner pun dah ada, bangle pun ko dah nampak kat my new entries :)

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