Official diapers for RedBaby!


So our Red Baby is coming, but I never tell you the brand of his diapers yet. Nah….presenting you the MamyPoko! But the one yang in hand nih skang aku baru amik the S size, I am preparing for the New Born size as well – which has a special navel care design that cares for baby’s sensitive navel area.

Suspens jugak nih, dah bertahunnnnnnnnnnnn tak pakaikan baby diapers or even stock this up at home. Few years ago MamyPoko was in my s/post, tak sangka, it comes to my hand again for my own baby 🙂 .

Meaning, diapers for RedBaby is officially by MamyPoko, I used it before for my both kids, now kembali untuk Red Baby! Kembara Red Baby with MamyPoko begins when he is born to the world 🙂 .

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