Dysphagia and Myasthenia Gravis…


remember about my dysphagia story, hazab nak menelan makanan or even air pun boleh tercekik. I hv been having that for 2 months lah, and alhamdulillah dah recovered wpun blum 100% but the percentage is getting better and better everyday.  So I had a follow up check up and the result of 2 blood tests came back (one was the one they sent to Australia, one was local).  Jadinya memanglah I have the dysphagia but also this Myasthenia Gravis. Boleh berlipat lidah nak menyebut.

Dalam bahasa lagi mudah nak memaham is muscle weakness, tu yang jadi dysphagia. Sort of lah.

So alhamdulillah dah better a bit, and also I met up my sinus Doctor and tak perlu do any procedures, coz the spray yang dia supplied sebelum ni helped me so well. All good.

I dont have to come back and if any of it datang balik, of cos ler kena pi revisit back the doctors la kan, which of cos tak nak dah. Berbulan turun naik hospital, eii idok la hakak dah nak do the same heh.

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