The Krabi…the 11 complaints!






Dec’s trip to Krabi, Thailand.

All 4 of them love this place, but not me…hehehehehe…not coz beach is not my thing, but ada lots of hiccups specially for on the hotel, the service by some of the places..etcs.

Coz of that, I takde mood sangatlah  nak bersembang detaily on this Krabi pun.

1. Resort – Aonang Oscar Pool Villa (balik je from Krabi, laki aku hantar kat 11 complaints on this resort!!!!)

2. Transports – some by the hotels, mostly dengan public transport and some ada dalam package of the tour tu sendiri

3. First day siang relax chillax but  malamnya kita pi Aonang’s town for tomyam and pulut mangga

4. The next day was elephant trekking, baby elephant show at the safari.

5. Went to Wareerak Hot Spring and mandi gak kat Emerald Pool yang very the crystal clear water. But depa lah mandi, cam biasa aku wet wet ni so not my thing lagipun sorang kena jaga bags.

6. Lastly went to Tiger Temple Cave, both abang kakak yang naik sampai atas. All these 3 packages ni kita pakai tour, amik pun from the Aonang Town a nite before.

Malamnya kita keluar town lagi for dinner and pepusing markets. Back to our resort tuh, lam our villa tu ada 3 rooms, each rooms comes ngan toilet bathroom but no tub, we picked this coz ada private pool, agak mahal gak coz peak season masa nih. Kitchen, dining and the hall pun ado gak, but iron takdok! breakfast included but cam lahabau dia antau pakai polystyrene box yet dah tak leh pakai this type kat msia, bukan ke worldwide tak leh pakai gak. Wpun makan lam bilik hotel yek, diaorag antau camtuh…annoying giler ngan hotel nih. And few times blackout, specially masa kita baru balik pepenat from the island trip the next day nya.



Totally not worth it with the high price we paid for 4 nights!!!

1. Wifi not working at all in the villa.
2. No iron
3. No toothbrush n toothpaste
4. Only 3 selected menu for breakfast, no refill for the drinks (coffee or tea)
5. Breakfast delivered to villa only using white polystyrene box and the drink we hv to do ourselves.
6. 2 times no electricity and we asked for candles and they sent us birthday candles!
7. No english channels for the tv
8. Shower water pressure very slow
9. No complimentary airport transfer
10. The free shuttle to Aonang only 2 times daily. They charge 200B pertrip for out of the schedule.
11. We ordered at night for the next day breakfast and they said restaurant is separate. What a joke!!!
12. 3% charge for credit card payment!!!
14. Their welcome drink just water!
Unless u want villa with private pool else better not. Just find any regular resorts with better facilities n services than this villa!!!

Stayed in December 2017

11 points from the husband in the 🙂

anak2 ada komplen gak sesikit, specially both big kids yang nak baju tudung beriron bagai tu kan, so aku letak kain baju tudung depa kat bawah tilam and bawah sofas (pun ada some baju masih nampak keronyok) then terpaksa gak kita bawak pi dobi for ironing. Kelakarnya they dont hv that service plak, kena cuci baju and iron or cuci baju and lipat. Omeng. Memang kita nak cuci baju gak but we plan to do it on our 2nd or 3rd day, not ler on the first day.

All in all, i tak recommend this hotel at all…no wonder ler sampai 11 complaints laki aku submit.  But for the rest of the tour, kids and husb  suka…mak nya bebiasa jer.


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