For Vernon…

last thursday nite, i had few smsed chat wt Vern, we tok2 and make the story short since masa tu ai m gonna be in spore, aku lari pi bilik belakang amik a pc of paper wt red marker, and write loves mrmanager . impromptu idea. x sempat lamination or get the A3’s paper. i need to sleep and catch my flight later after that.

throughout my 2 days trip in spore, aku snap more than 50pcs of photos, holding the sign…i gave vern 26 pcs, and up to him to choose whatever photos that he likes. sekadar suka2..mencabar coz orang2 kat spore ingat aku cam org gila..

ramai gak membaca the sign and asked me kenapa aku kena hold that sign… 🙂 gila x kenal mrmanager??

the malaysian artists were in the same aircraft wt me, back from spore…so ai asked for their help too! Sib baik ai dont hv to introduce sapa vern, Vern and them are friends in the entertainment industry. tapi nak dptkan depa to hold the sign for u, bukan senang ye…heheheheehehe, ai have my own way. kena berani!!! nak kena aku cerita kat sini ke camana aku mintak tlg depa did this for me? hiks…. btw FORUMERS, IF U TEND TO TAKE THESE 2 PHOTOS, PLEASE CREDIT MY BLOG’S ADDRESS! dulu dah kena curik gambo aku 2 kali!

She may seem garang & fierce in some of her entries but she is also funny, esp the way she didn’t give any 2 hoots when ppl looked a her when she posed for pics anywhere, you name it – in MRT, escalators, signboards etc etc. Check out for Mr Manager’s blog too – I take my hat off her, tgh2 jalan, dalam terowong to MRT pun, she berani posed, for his sake! Just imagine the crowd at these places. She would have done it inside the LV boutique (for Mr M!) but we were truly punyalah penat, we all turun naik escalator from Suntec to Orchard Road don’t know how many times! that s what this lady said bout (she was my accompanion on my first few hours in spore)

i thank to sirman yang kulu kilir ngamikkan gambo, sambil we did our shopping, and together wt my sakit kaki, i keep on posing wt the signboard. ai just dont care…but it was fun. remember, i was a fear factor malaysia’s contestant, so takut kan cabaran is not really me, selamba badak je lah. bukan org spore kenal aku pun. hapa nak malu 😛

ai love this task..but for ppl like me, that u called as red diva, ai dont think ai have crazy fans yang sanggup buat for . ai m not vernon, he s so famous and his mrmanager’s brand x leh lah aku nak potong makan jalan…one day one time, ai know he can beat kennysia or he already did? vern?

ai was truly tired, dengan kaki sakit but it was so la bapak kelakar memories, not only to me, sirman, even my 2 hot frens kak ann and nadh yang jadi saksi a bit for my craziness idea…

oh yes, our blogs are famous and equal wt lalats langau! vern even told me that few lalats hangits sent harsh comments to his blog for the special entry that he made for me. very theeee….. aku dah cemolot la ngan vern, apa la yg ko nak buat jahat anto komen hanjeng kat blog dia?

penat2 pun, shopping2 pun ai still hold the white signboard for vern, nampak kat gambar atas ni…senang nak berposing2 gitu kan..tangan kanan carik barang, tangan kiri pegang sign…

mbe kalo ai x ke spore, ai wont be doing this kind of task …

so thank you vern kerana mencabar adik merah mu yang very the red diva ini! katanya….

i cant believe that lots of ppl can recognize this photo, hiks… but some may not know not too 🙁 . Vern has revealed everything in his blog, go check it out. tapi rasanya dah sah tentu korang jenguk blog dia baru hegeh2 pi blog aku kan kan kan…. Vern – yelah nok, mak tau sapa mak… i should give all the 50photos that i have, posing wt the signboards, matiklah dia nak letak semuakan…never tot he will put all the 26pcs anw.

This is part of funny story, or behind the scene story during my trip to spore. Next trip, should I do it? 🙂

Maybe next posting is your turn to pose for Vern’s blog… who knows. Or in my blog? we ll see…



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