Branded Shoes for sale!!!

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Code 1

Nine West – RM100

Code 2

Eclipse – RM50

Code 3

Nine West – RM50

Code 4

Bonia – RM80

Code 5

Zara Wedget – RM50

Code 6

Rotelli – RM80

Code 7

Nine West – RM100


1. First come first served basis

2. Kindly place your details plus your email add in the comment board. Coz owner hanya akan contact those yang bagi email add di dalam comment board ini ye, contohnya gini:

kak red saya nak beli Code 7, nama saya Sophia email add saya

simple as that.

3. Ni bukan kasut2 saya, all belongs to the reader of (let s call her The Owner)

4. Size is 7/8.

No bidding, sapa cepat dia dapat tau šŸ™‚

Good luck!

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