Red and Mini Cooper…

the red mini carpet..katanya 🙂 was from ikea

it looks like the sheep skin, but it s not

oh sheep skin…..bekkkkkkkkk bekkkkkkkkkkk!

n the bangkok’s souvenirs is almost habis sampai ke tuan tangan

some are receiving by normal postal, (sila check post box anda) some are still pending (due to kotakness), some are collecting from my mom’s house, some are despatched by my brother, and some have to wait till we meet (aku nak post korang nak gak jumpa ngan mak merah kan!)

sirman digged his drawer, found hundreds of stamps, totally forgot bout it.. (no need to use pos laju boleh?) nah! akak posmen told me to place 2 inggit’s stamp, tapi aku tempek 5 inggit stamps so kalau x sampai bukan salah stamps tapi salah pencopek!

Tajuk entry ni is Mini Cooper kan…

saje buang tebiat… 😉

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