4 Years on 9 September 2008

before ai post my usual entries, let s share a little bit of our mini celebration AGAIN for gegirl birthday on the eve before 9 Sept yesterday

this is the second celebration for 4 of us only, the first one was held kat umah mak 2 days before wt her cousins

she wants a mini cake, only for her

4 candles to complete the package of the choc cake

4 years ago, ai delivered gegirl via normal delivery, no epidural etcs

3.16kg, very fair baby with chinese look, more to sirman lah gitu

abang gave a present to his sis (sebab abang takde duit, he selongkar toys dia bagai, and wrap it up in the yellow sponge bob’s bag, very creative abang)

Semoga Gegirl kurang2 lah sentap tu…

there will be another 2 celebrations for her, one kat sekolah one lagi kat ha tungguuuu….

Thanks again, from Gegirl to redmummy’s readers.

enjoy gegirl’s birthday song only for you…

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